The Omega Nu Lambda Scholarship application process stands out due to its unique approach that doesn't involve national competition for scholarships. Instead, ONL Scholarships are administered and awarded by your local ONL Chapter, ensuring a more personalized and accessible experience.

For comprehensive details on how to apply for these esteemed scholarship opportunities, we recommend reaching out to your designated ONL Chapter Advisor. They will guide you through the application process used by your local Chapter, as well as, provide you with all the necessary information you need to apply.

If you're uncertain about who your ONL Chapter Advisor is but wish to connect with them for further insights into available scholarship opportunities, please don't hesitate to send an email to info@omeganulambda.org. To expedite our response and better assist you, kindly include the name of your affiliated educational institution where you hold ONL membership. We will promptly reply with the requisite information.

We sincerely appreciate your commitment as a LIFETIME member of Omega Nu Lambda. Your dedication to our organization is truly valued, and we look forward to supporting your academic journey and future success.