Why Omega Nu Lambda?

Omega Nu Lambda was formed with you, the online student, in mind.

We have learned that one of most common problems experienced by the online student is the limitation of dialogue and sense of feeling connected to your school and other online students. Dialogue and connectivity gives a sense of community. When you are an off-campus learner, you do not have the same opportunities to join campus clubs or other campus organizations that the traditional learner has.

ONL is a way to provide a sense of community by giving you the ability to network with other ONL members across the United States. You will have a campus ONL advisor to reach out to and you will have an opportunity for scholarships through your campus advisor as well. ONL recognizes your academic achievements and membership will look great on your resume.

You have worked hard and overcome obstacles along the way! You have stayed the course and earned the grades! Here at ONL we want to help you to continue with your academic success by acknowledging you and your accomplished work, we want to award you with scholarship opportunities and provide continued encouragement by establishing a way to connect with other ONL members throughout the United States. We want to build community.

We are here for you and if we can better our organization in any way, we would enjoy hearing from you! CONGRATULATIONS we are proud of you!

Membership Criteria

To receive your invitation to join Omega Nu Lambda
  • Your college or university has an active Omega Nu Lambda advisor representative on campus.
  • You have completed 15 credit hours of online courses with a GPA of 3.2 or better.
If your institution does not currently have an active Omega Nu Lambda advisor, let us help!

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Membership Dues

You pay a onetime, lifetime membership fee of $65.00.

Once you are a member, you will receive an Omega Nu Lambda National Honor Society Certificate of Recognition, honor cords, Omega Nu Lambda lapel pin, and an Omega Nu Lambda Crest decal mailed directly to the address you provide when you accept your invitation to join Omega Nu Lambda.

Benefits to Joining Omega Nu Lambda

  • You will be part of an exclusive community for online students
  • Your academic excellence will be acknowledged
  • You can be part of networking capabilities with other ONL members across the United States
  • You have an opportunity to participate in certain benefits determined by your campus’s online program advisor
  • You are a Lifetime Member
  • You pay a onetime membership dues
  • You will want to include ONL on your resume
  • You will have a campus advisor to assist your connectivity to your campus