• Why join Omega Nu Lambda?
  • What is included with membership?
  • How do I receive my Omega Nu Lambda materials?
  • If my GPA falls below the 3.2 required GPA, am I still a member?
  • Am I required to pay membership dues yearly?
  • How do I apply for Scholarship?
  • Why did I receive an invitation to join Omega Nu Lambda?
  • How did Omega Nu Lambda know I met the criteria to join?
  • If I do not accept my invitation will I have another opportunity to join?
  • What is the startup cost to the College/University seeking a chapter of Omega Nu Lambda on their campus?
  • How do you start a chapter of Omega Nu Lambda?

Omega Nu Lambda is recognizing YOU for your academic achievement! By joining Omega Nu Lambda you will receive a Certificate of Recognition, honor cords to wear at your graduation and access to networking with other Omega Nu Lambda members across the United States. Joining Omega Nu Lambda will also allow you to show your outstanding academic achievement on your resume. You will have an Advisor from your school to further connect you back to your College/University. Scholarship opportunities are available as well.

A Certificate of Recognition, honor cords, lapel pin, an Omega Nu Lambda Crest decal, access to a private, online portal to network with other Omega Nu Lambda members, and scholarship opportunities.

We will mail directly to the address you provide when you join Omega Nu Lambda.

Omega Nu Lambda membership is a LIFETIME membership, even if your GPA falls below the 3.2 that was required to be eligible to join Omega Nu Lambda.

No, Omega Nu Lambda membership is a ONE-TIME dues payment of $65.00.

Scholarship opportunities will be determined by your Omega Nu Lambda advisor from the College/University that invited you to join.

You received an invitation to join ONL because:

  • You are a non-campus student.
  • You have completed 15 hours of online studies.
  • You received a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better.


Omega Nu Lambda receives a list of eligible students from your Omega Nu Lambda Advisor at the College/University you attend. Omega Nu Lambda sends an invitation to these students.

Omega Nu Lambda membership is a onetime opportunity during the period of time as indicated on your invitation. Additionally, Omega Nu Lambda will not accept late submissions for membership.

There are no startup costs to start a chapter of Omega Nu Lambda on your campus. However, you will receive $15.00 per member once your chapter is active on your campus.

To start a chapter of Omega Nu Lambda on your campus, complete the Chartering a Chapter form and click the submit button. A staff member from our National Office will contact you to begin the process of having a chapter on your campus!